PurNail Review: Does It Work?

Update 18 June 2015: More PurNail User Feedback Gathered.

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Purnail is an anti-fungus topical cream. It’s designed with a blend of natural ingredients to eliminate toenail fungus (also called onychomycosis). Product manufacturers claim that Purnail works for all kinds of fingernail or toenail fungus. Upon use, the solution is said to reach the core of the affected nails to destroy the fungus over a period of time. So, does Purnail work as advertised on the official website? Has the product received loads of positive customer reviews? Let’s find out:

Does Purnail work?

There are three main ingredients among others that work synergistically for the product- undecylenic acid, tea tree oil and sunflower seed oil. Undecylenic acid is a powerful antifungal ingredient that has been in use since a long time for nail fungus treatments. Tea tree oil is also being used for killing fungus. The combined power of these two antifungal ingredients proves to be a huge plus point for the product.
The third primary ingredient, sunflower seed oil, does not have
antifungal properties but it contains vital fatty acids and vitamins which
are said to play a great role in regenerating the skin and the affected nails.
This ensures speedy recovery. The moisturizing effect ensures that the nails
look better with every passing day. Overall, the product has some time tested
ingredients that make the product sound really effective.


The product starts working upon on disclored, smelly nails from the very first use itself. Over regular usage, it eradicates nail fungus for good without making way for nasty side effects like with prescription medications. The product arrives with a brush applicator. The application part becomes a breeze because of the brush applicator. The product is manufactured by a company that is not well known in drug stores. But the company is so confident about its product that it does not shy away from offering 100% money
back guarantee to those users who are not satisfied with the product. Interestingly, majority of the PurNail reviews found on popular blogs, forums and other web sources do speak generally in favor of the product.

Critical Reviews

We know that complete healing of crumbly nails will take time.  One is supposed to use the product for at least few months to experience great results. As a matter of fact, any natural product out there would requiretime to work on the stubborn infection. There lives three families of fungal treatment. This product covers one of them (the most effective) so it
is expected that a few do not experience complete cure. People with mild nail yellow or white opaque nails seen the most improvement. Well developed nail fungi is possible to treat with this product.

Where to buy Purnail nail fungus treatment?

Those who are interested in acquiring this product should be aware that the
easiest way to acquire purnail is online through the official site. Most likely, you are being introduced to duplicate imitations of the original product that fail to deliver positive results. Hence, it’s important to know the right source to buy PurNail to stay immune from scams. To buy Purnail in UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand (NZ), Singapore, South Africa and other parts of the world, one can visit the company’s official site, http://purnail.com

Official Site: www.Purnail.com

We recently got some encouraging user feedback one of which we would like to share:


My name is Ben. I tried this solution on my fingernails and toenails religiously for about 4 months.


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